Papparazzi compact flash bracket for your Canon Nikon Sony etc DSLR

When shooting in tight spaces and when needing to have the camera flash in portrait orientation.  ProMediaGear Papparazzi bracket is your best choice.  The flash mounts easily beside the camera, either on left or right side.  The flash sits close to the lens and the head in oriented the same way as the camera sensor. 

Equip the BP1 bracket with Cost Shoes to mount the flashers with remote wireless trigger, or just use the thumb screws to mount the flash cords to it.  It's also possible to mount double flashes effectively doubling the flash output or halving the flash recycle time.   The #BP1 papparazzi bracket can be equipped either with universal camera plate or custom camera plate.

If you have the #BP1 configured on right side the left side is still open to L-Brackets, Handles, #PAH1 Holster adapter, or #PASL3 the Holster, strap or Quick Strap adapter.

If you have the #BP1 on left side the right side can be used with Boomerang Flash Bracket.

Check out the pictures below for in use scenarios.

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