New Katana Gimbal Head Coming Soon

Here is some screen grabs of our new Katana Gimbal head.  We are hoping we can finalize the design very soon and be able to produce these heads in early 2010.  Our date has moved back from December 2009, but we felt the design changes more than warrant the wait.  You can use it with any medium or 35mm telephoto lens (with a mounting collar/shoe of course) you have, provided your tripod will support the weight.  Maybe we should build one not only for photographers but for videographers also.

The major difference between our old prototype and this one is the braking mechanism.  We wanted to increase the effective surface area and be able to control it better so created these "fins" as you tighten the fine control knob on the side they will put pressure on the resistance ring and thus provide smooth motion.

Compared to other market leaders like Wimberley or Jobu, our design our Gimbal Head is bigger, with longer mounting clamp, vertical adjustments, and provides more clearance to save your knuckles from abrasion, and of course it just looks better.  We may offer it in various colors but for now we're probably going to stick with just black.  We will also offer it with various knobs, for those who are fighting the cold, it will give you much more needed control over tightening the clamp.

For the weight conscious photographers, this isn't featherlight, but its all made out of aircraft aluminum and with steel ball bearings, instead of plastic hardware.  If there is enough interest we may even create a carbon fiber arm.

New Back to back 60mm Arca-Swiss Compatible Clamps

Panorama picture shooters worldwide can finally have a more solid set of clamps, we have just released a configurable set of 60mm back to back mounted Quick-Release clamps.  These clamps are created with the finest and most precise CNC machines available, with aircraft quality aluminum.  They feature safety stop mechanism preventing the plates from slipping out, and can also be used separately.

Buy your own with either 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 mounting threads and enjoy the ProMediaGear quick release system.  Your camera can wear one of our plates without you even noticing the mounting hardware is attached.

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