Sneak Peak at Boomerang Flash Bracket

This is all we want to reveal at this time.  This is the main articulating arm for our new rotating flash bracket.  This will be smaller and easier to operate than our Guillotine flash bracket.  It will keep the flash upward at all times, perfect if you are bouncing the flash or just want a fill light with shadows behind the subject, hence not visible in photos.  It will feature a secure locking lever.  It is estimated that it will weigh about 10-12oz.  Very light.  We will also make it work with our lineup of Arca-Swiss compatible body plates.  The Arm you see in the picture will also be available in quick release version.  The Arca-Swiss plate will stay on the body and ProMediaGear's Boomerang bracket will stow away for easy transport.  The picture is an Iphone capture.