New 62mm (2.5in) Arca-Swiss Compatible clamps

We're upgrading our inventory once again.  We've designed and produced a larger 62mm clamp for those photographers who want added security of more massive clamp holding onto their gear.  Similar to our previous 40mm clamp, we have two parallel guide posts, hidden inside the clamp instead of long grove design (our Competitors use faster/cheaper less effective methods to achieve stability).  This proves the clamp to be more stable with less play. 

We offer them with two standard threads of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16.  These are precision machined parts, there are no worries if you use them with other precision made parts as they will fit and grab onto your photography equipment without any play.   For now you can only buy them on eBay but soon you will also be able to visit our online store. 

We offer unconditional money back guarantee.


Smart Flip - Flash Bracket, Flip system,

This is our older design of flash bracket for wedding or portrait photography, currently we are redesigning it due to very picky photographers who had this tested.  The flash head is always aligned with camera sensor, which means this bracket is best designed to be used with direct flash.  You can also add and omni-bounce or other diffusers, to minimize shadows.  We're also working on a unit which will be best used by photographers who mostly use bounce flash as it will keep flash in upright position all the time.  All our Flash Brackets come with Arca-Swiss style plate which can be mounted to any Arca-Swiss standard clamp.  The plates also have threads and you can mount other quick release plates.

Constructed with CNC machined lightweight aircraft quality aluminum.  Piece or artwork not cheap imitation.


Another amazing capture using Katana Gimbal

Of course by our fellow photographer, Katana Photo http://www.katanaphoto.com/
Who is testing the equipment for us. 


New product released, Arca-Swiss style anti-twist plate for Canon 5d Mark II body and Grip.  Features black anodized scratch resistant surface, extra two mounts for monopod, tripods etc.  This is a CNC machined precision part in aircraft aluminum, all Made in USA and Designed in USA.

With hardware included.  This style of quick release plate will last you a lifetime, is lightweight and it doesn't feel like you have anything attached on the bottom of the camera.