Arca Swiss Universal Quick Release 1/4" Plate AntiTwist

Plate fits Arca-Swiss RRS Kirk Jobu Design Clamp QR Quick Release
Hard black anodized surface coating with matte non reflective, and wear resistant finish.
Quick Release Plate with 1/4"-20 mounting screw, with Three 1/4inch threads for monopods, other plates etc.Features self retaining screw and anti twist rubber "rails
Fits Really Right Stuff, Arca-Swiss, Markins, Kirk, Jobu Design or any other standard Arca Swiss clamp.
100% made, designed and assembled in the USA
- 1.5inches Wide  - 3.0inches Long    - 1/3inches Thick
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Katana Gimbal Yellowstone Testing

Thought the snow, rocky terrain our digital "soldiers" are marching. Check out these pics. Kudos to Derek Katanaphoto.com for awesome work. These are remarkable images. We've had a team of three photographers, who worked for two weeks, through snow and high water to tell us what they need.