Arca Swiss Mount Flip Flash Bracket QR Quick Release

Arca Swiss Mount Flash Flip - Aluminum CNC Machined,

This is an example of our universal flip with Arca Swiss universal mounting plate, the plate runs the entire width of camera.

Arca Swiss Style Mounting Base, Fits: Jobu Design, Really Right Stuff, Custom Brackets etc
Works with any Digital or Film SLR made by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Konica Minolta, Kodak etc.

Weighs under 12oz
Size 16x6x6
Color: Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Finish
Billet Aircraft Aluminum Components
Bronze Bearing Joint Connections
Four Adjustable Flip Resistance Joints
Modular Construction with Optional Raiser (included, can be taken out)


Chicago Air Show 2009 July by Katana

Ok, Derek is a tireless photographer who never ceases to amaze us...

Katana Gimball Testing Grounds

Hello people, this is our first post so just testing things out and testing the product with our Awesome Photographers, who complain a lot but what the hell it just makes the stuff better.