Sony A9 Mirrorless that puts SLR's into the corner

Sony has just revealed its new flagship camera, with even the most advanced competition designs looking like children's toys, on paper that is.
For ages professionals claimed that mirrorless cameras are too slow, they can’t be used for sports or serious work.  Batteries due to their compact nature and constant on LCD screens were drained much faster.
Well the time or reckoning has come.  Is the new Sony A9 up for competition against the best DSLRs like Canon 1Dx or Nikon D5.
Bionz X processor writes 14-bit uncompressed RAW files at resolution of 24.2 Megapixels.
Specs are amazingly impressive:
Viewfinder with resolution of 1280x960 and 120 frames per second refresh, let’s you see lifelike action mirroring (pun intended) the quality of viewfinders on mirrored DSLRs.
Sony's latest camera can shoot at 20 frames per second, like shooting video, with constant on LCD with no black out.
With a buffer capable of holding up to 241 RAW files and up to 362 JPEG files.
Shutter speed is crazy fast at 1/32000th of a second.
Battery the new model NP.-FZ100 is 2.2x longer than the previous Sony models.
Autofocus is superb as well at 693 points covering 93 percent of the frame, and the autofocus system can calculate AF / AE up to 60 times per second.
ISO sensitivity ranges from 10 to 51200, expandable to 50 - 204800.
The new model NP-FZ100 battery lasts 2.2x longer than the previous Sony models.
Full Frame 4K video, down sampled from 6k, makes for sharper images.
Dual SD card slots with Ethernet port for stationary remote photographers.
5-axis image stabilization, I think you know that this means, that any lens can be stabilized.
Add to this silent operation with fully electronic shutter, we think that Sony could have gone further than 20 frames per second but at 24 fps they would compete with their video cameras.
Buckle up Hollywood, there is a new kid in town and it’s Sony A9.

ProMediaGear is already gearing up for accessories for this camera.


Tripods for Serious Professionals

Some of us are super serious about our photographs as well as our photo gear.

ProMediaGear Tripod is on fire when it comes to developing new gear.  Their tripod is no exception.  Using the latest technologies and superb engineering creates tripod with ground breaking performance and best value in class.   Weighing in at only six pounds, that's under 3 kilos.   Use it even in most challenging conditions with heaviest great, rated up to 125 pounds.   These come in in 3 or 4 section models, as well as 75mm bowl mount option.   These tripods are designed for field use as well as studio use.  Setup up quickly featuring precision twist locks that require only a quarter rotation to unlock and re-lock.  The leg joints are enlarged to distribute weight across thicker cross sectional area minimizing vibrations and increasing stiffness.

Common features to all  tripods
  • 10x Carbon Fiber 
  • 1/4-20 accessory ports
  • Push Pull leg angle lock
  • Rubber Ball Feet with integrated steel spike
  • Bubble Level
  •  QR top plate system


New Nikon DSLR D7500

Basically this is a cross between Nikon D500 and D7200.  It's a DX-Sensor sized camera aimed at prosumer, or high end enthusiasts.

-Sensor DX size, with 20.9 megapixels, no optical low pass filter
-Iso range of 100-51,200 EXPEED 5 Processor
-RGM Metering sensor with 180k pixels
-and above all 4k Ultra HD, video codecas well as 1080p Full HD with Stereo Sound, power aperture control, auto ISO, 4K Timelapse
-8 Frames Per Second
-51 Point auto-focus system improved over the D7200 to allow better low light action photos
-Large 3.2 inch 922k dot LCD screen, tilting adjust and touch functionality, this is a killer feature, we want to see that on pro level cameras
-Built in WIFI with reliable Nikon SnapBridge app that brings in photos from the D7500 to your smartphone for immediate Snapchat, Facebook etc functionality.

Nikon has been pushing 4k video in a lot of the recent DSLRs, and it's clear that it wants these cameras to be more than just still cameras.


Holster adapter for Arca-Swiss DSLR plates by ProMediaGear

ProMediaGear Bracket plates, are at the heart of their bracket system, the modular plate system.   There are many plates available from universal to custom or camera specific plates. The advantage of camera specific plate is that it offers anti rotation and custom tailored fit for that camera.  Meaning that the plate once attached doesn't become lose, and neither blocks batteries or ports.

ProMediaGear has gone further though.  At each side of the plate there are ports for accessories that can be mounted on the side, such as, the adapter for holster ball #SH1.  The plates work directly with PMG holster and strap systems.

In this post let's explore the #PAH1 and  #PASL3 adapters, and #SH1, holster.

The #PASL3 mounts to the side of the plate and the #SH1 holster mounts to your belt.  It will fit any belt up to 2.5 inches wide.  The #SH1 features a solid metal construction and safety latch so that the ball won't be released accidentally.  The idea is similar to a holster for cell phones but this here is a much more robust construction and it's entirely made in the USA.

The ball mounted on the #PAH1 or #PASL3 adapters, doesn't block Arca-Type plate from being mounted to the tripod.  The adapters also have featured which prevent the lock ball from unscrewing accidentally.   Let's take a look at the pictures below.  Further information can be found at www.ProMediaGear.com








Papparazzi compact flash bracket for your Canon Nikon Sony etc DSLR

When shooting in tight spaces and when needing to have the camera flash in portrait orientation.  ProMediaGear Papparazzi bracket is your best choice.  The flash mounts easily beside the camera, either on left or right side.  The flash sits close to the lens and the head in oriented the same way as the camera sensor. 

Equip the BP1 bracket with Cost Shoes to mount the flashers with remote wireless trigger, or just use the thumb screws to mount the flash cords to it.  It's also possible to mount double flashes effectively doubling the flash output or halving the flash recycle time.   The #BP1 papparazzi bracket can be equipped either with universal camera plate or custom camera plate.

If you have the #BP1 configured on right side the left side is still open to L-Brackets, Handles, #PAH1 Holster adapter, or #PASL3 the Holster, strap or Quick Strap adapter.

If you have the #BP1 on left side the right side can be used with Boomerang Flash Bracket.

Check out the pictures below for in use scenarios.