Photography is an art that many people love to pursue professionally. There are just about 61,000 professional photography jobs in the U.S. today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of these photographers are self-employed.

In recent years, people are using less professional photographers than they used to. With the invention and globalization of the smartphone, many people prefer to use their devices to take photos themselves.

There are several reasons for this. Photos taken on camera phones feature auto focusing, video recording, filters, and more. Not only can they take their photos how they choose to, but they are also instantaneously ready to be posted online and shared with friends and family.

Because of this newer and evolving complication, professional photographers have to find a way to stay ahead of the game and make their own photos stand out.

In many instances, photographers are in need of external flashes, or even mounted lights to help keep the lighting as perfect as possible. But, if you are a one-man show, odds are, you don’t have someone to manage your equipment when you need to take a shot elsewhere. That, or you find the area you are shooting in is too cramped for light stands.

On ProMediaGear, an online website that sells camera gear, you can purchase the Elinchrom ELB400 kit. The seven-piece set costs $479.70 and includes free shipping.
The ELB 400 allows you to carry around lights you would typically up on their own stand. The kit comes with a belt holster with a universal plate. Simply hook your ELB 400 to the plate for hands free and secure shooting. The kit with built in handle expands creative lighting options by working as a second mounted flash. It also stabilizes your camera, making it easier than ever to navigate without the fear of motion blur.

The kit comes with a cage, which snaps on to the ELB 400. The install is easy and quick, so you can get to shooting your subjects right away. The rigid stand mount, which is included in the kit, allows you to mount your ELB 400 onto a light stand without having to balance it precariously and risk breaking your light stand. When you’re ready to get on the move again, you just have to pick the ELB 400 up off of the stand mount and you’re ready to go. Other items included in the kit include a flash riser, which rises and repositions your flash shoe; a small stud; a tall stud; and a tilting rosette head.


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