What's the purpose of flash bracket?

The simple answer to that question would be to keep the flash above the lens at all times, so that shadows created by the flash can be hidden behind the subject being photographed (instead of creating a sideways shadow).  

There are many skeptics to using the flash bracket, and it's true if you have an assistant and time to use off camera flash you can get better results.  But in fast paced environment such as Weddings or other Events and when you're a one man show, few seconds of delay can mean a difference between getting a shot or not. For those situations flash bracket is essential and lets you create much nicer images.

Nick G. From New Jersey says this:

I am a pro event photographer and I have tried every bracket. I am not a paid spokesperson for PMG, and I paid full price. The Boomerang does exactly what the other brackets do, it gets my flash pointing in the same direction regardless of camera orientation. The others are crap, this one rocks. 

Here's why:
1.     The boomerang lets me keep my hands on my camera, not the stupid arm of the bracket.
2.     It weighs nada.
3.     It locks the flash in the position I want it to be in quickly and intuitively.
5.     It looks cool. It's a conversation starter, and conversations mean sales.
6.     The only thing I would change about it is that I would like another spot for a cold-shoe on the arm. This is an easy fix with a $5 cold shoe from B&H, but it would be nice (we will do just that in should be available soon - Tom .F -PMG).
If you are on the fence, get off. This is the one you've been waiting for.     
So as you can see there are many benefits to using a flash bracket. We have engineered it for ease of use, compact size and as little weight as possible, while being tripod mountable.

The ProMediaGear's Boomerang Flash Bracket can be equipped with following options:
·       Custom Arca-Swiss compatible plate for Pro Camera Bodies or Bodies with optional Battery Packs or Grips.
·       Quick Release system to quickly disengage the Flash Bracket from Camera Mounting Plate
·       Stand to rest the camera safely on tables or other flat surfaces.
·       Extended Flash Cord Mount for flash guns like Quantum etc.
·       Color options to further customize the bracket: Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Titanium finishes are available

The Boomerang Flash bracket is CNC machined in Chicago area facility (Tinley Park IL to be exact) out of T6061 aluminum.  For the locking mechanism our team went out as far as using a Titanium part for years of trouble free function.

The Boomerang Flash Bracket is proudly manufactured in the USA.