Arca-Swiss type L-Bracket Plate for Nikon D600 Grip MB-D14

Take a look at our new Arca-Swiss type L-Bracket for the Nikon D600 DSLR.  Features slide out mechanism.  The vertical component is held by two "ultra-strong" hardened steel rods.  Main bodies are still made out of aluminum for great strength and weight characteristics. We're offering this L-bracket at very attractive price of around $130.  Please click here to purchase it on our website:


L-bracket plate for Canon 1Dx Arca-Swiss style

The plate for 1Dx features our first slide out mechanism.  Simply use the Allen wrench that is conveniently stored inside the vertical plate and loosen two bottom screws to slide out the plate to allow for any cable connections.  When done simply put back the Allen key and strong magnet will always hold it in place.  The bracket is made as always from lightweight aluminum.   To give you more choices you can also ordered it in Titanium color anodized finish.

Arca-Swiss type L-bracket for 1Dx is a modernization of older ProMediaGear designs it’s enhanced with new features and technologies. Is made ​​of aluminum, making it durable and lightweight.  Inversion method has been modified with upgraded arm held by two hardened steel rods.  It’s easy enough not only to run cables but to find a central point of the image that remains the same when changing position from horizontal to portrait and vice versa. Simply adjust the arm to the camera to the central point and let your creativity take over.


Ball Head concept

This has been in works for quite some time.  So far this ball head only exists in virtual world on our computer hard drives, but with some minor tweaks and input from fellow professionals we are hoping on producing something similar in very near future.  At that time a new Quick Release clamp should also be available.


Flash Bracket Clamp with Arca Swiss type mount

It's here finally, our long awaited Flash Bracket Clamp, L-Bracket Clamp or Handle Bracket Arca-Swiss type clamp is almost ready.  The Bracket Clamp can be mounted onto "real" Arca-Swiss type plates by those we mean plates from US and Euro makers such as Arca-Swiss, Really Right Stuff, Wimberly or Kirk etc. Flash Brackets (Boomerang or Guillotine) mount to one side of the Clamp, to the other you can mount an L-Plate (L-Bracket), Handle or any other contraption we may come up with. The versatility of this product is great.  As always it's made out of aluminum (lightweight and rigid) and it will be black anodized for pleasant scratch resistant finish. Threaded insert with 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threads allows for additional flexibility and installations of third party Quick Release plates etc.

Multi Handle

This lightweight Multi Handle has multitude of uses as the name suggests.  It can be used for additional support during photography or video capture.  It can be mounted to the left or right side of the bracket plate, moved back and forth.  Please note that our Bracket plate or bracket clamp (pictured) is required to mount it. When mounted to the bracket clamp it can be finely adjusted left to right.


Canon 5D mark III plates and L-brackets

So here it is after many years of waiting it's finally here. I must say though we were more excited about Mark II than III but that is because we expected so much more now then before. Ok but back to business. The plates and L-brackets for Canon 5Dmk3 will be available around April 15, 2012. The prices will be lower than our competitors because somehow we manage to squeeze out the efficiency we desire even though material and labor costs are higher. They will have their usual strap loops and safety stops as well as 1/4-20 threads to mount other accessories.

PC5D3 - $44.95
PCBGE11 - $49.95
L-Brackets / L-Plates (these are compatible with our Flash Brackets)
PLC5D3 - $99.95
PLCBGE11 - $119.95

Prices are all subject to change anytime

Nikon D800 Plates and L-Plates

We at ProMediaGear are in the process of engineering plates for the new and highly anticipated Nikon D800. It is going to be a great piece of equipment and we are designing plates and accessories worthy of such camera. As usual the plates will be black anodized made out of aircraft quality aluminum. As lightweight as we can get away with it. In 2012 all our new products will finally be laser engraved with center marks etc. As excited as we are for this awesome camera we are upset that the battery pack for it is so expensive. I am sure we share the same sentiment with many photographers. Maybe and this is just a thought we could make a bottom accessory that would offer that "full body feel".

We hope to have plates and L-brackets ready by middle of April 2012. We will price them aggressively as usual.

PND800 - $39.95
PNMBD12 - $44.95
L-Plates / L-Brackets
PLND800 - $99.95
PLNMBD12 - $119.95


New Plate for Nikon D7000 body

Allright, due to popular demand we are making an additional plate to the D700 body bracket plate.  This will be a custom fit for the D7000 the anti twist component will be a precision fit stud.