Nikon D800 Plates and L-Plates

We at ProMediaGear are in the process of engineering plates for the new and highly anticipated Nikon D800. It is going to be a great piece of equipment and we are designing plates and accessories worthy of such camera. As usual the plates will be black anodized made out of aircraft quality aluminum. As lightweight as we can get away with it. In 2012 all our new products will finally be laser engraved with center marks etc. As excited as we are for this awesome camera we are upset that the battery pack for it is so expensive. I am sure we share the same sentiment with many photographers. Maybe and this is just a thought we could make a bottom accessory that would offer that "full body feel".

We hope to have plates and L-brackets ready by middle of April 2012. We will price them aggressively as usual.

PND800 - $39.95
PNMBD12 - $44.95
L-Plates / L-Brackets
PLND800 - $99.95
PLNMBD12 - $119.95

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