Shoulder Video Rig with arca type clamp for DSLR's and video cameras

With Video Camera
Film making is and art form we are starting to be part of.  Whether you shoot weddings, events,corporate or movies we hope that you will be using our gear some day.

This here is our Video Rig designed to work with Video Cameras and DSLRs.  Based on 15mm rod system, and 60mm rod separation it is compatible with most decent rigs on the market.  It integrates well with our clamp and plate systems, allowing for quick release of your camera away from rig and mounting to tripod. There is also and integrated tripod mount with 1/4inch-20 thread to mount quick release plates. Handles are adjustable by simply rotating them along their long axis. Rods and all parts are precision machined and matched so that to loosen and tighten them takes half turn.

Materials used in this rig are similar to all of our amazing products, the strongest, lightest available without costing too much (and without marketing BS usually present to describe things).  We focus not only on making a profitable and affordable rig, but on one that handles and looks well.

Shipping December 2011 order now limited Quantities.
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The video shoulder rig features:
  • Precision 15mm rod system with standard 60mm spacing (compatible with other follow focus systems, monitor mounts, matte boxes, handles etc)
  • Arca-Swiss compatible plate, clamp and custom anti-twist camera plate
  • Aircraft quality aluminum construction, weighs only 2.9lbs, final should be lighter as we will incorporate more weight saving designs
  • Raiser link, and quad rod mount that allow for raised, lowered or level with shoulder camera mount
  • Ability for camera to slide left and right up to 3inches, when using our C60 clamp and plate, great for follow focus attachment or when using with viewfinder
  • 2-16inch, 2-6inch, 1-10inch rods
  • Ability to quickly mount entire rig to tripods or monopods for extra stability.
  • Very useful for extra stabilization when coupled with a monopod
  • Foam Shoulder pad and rubberized handle grips
  • All black anodized Professional finish
What we are (or going to be) working on in the future:
  • Handle-Cage combination that mounts to camera plate
  • Counter Balance weight
  • Noga EVF/monitor mount (pictured in prototype pics)
  • Custom Viewfinder mounts