Boomerang Flash Bracket - High Tech space age materials construction

 Hi, we have finally release to market our newest flash bracket, we are promoting it at $179, regular price would be $200.

The ProMediaGear Boomerang flash bracket is perfect choice for demanding photographer wanting to eliminate subject shadows.  The bracket is so small and lightweight that you hold your camera comfortably in the right hand as if no bracket was attached and operate the bracket with your left hand if you want to change flash position.  Our unique rotating system locks flash at 90degree position so that flash remains upright above the lens whenever you need it. 

With high precision manufacturing process and use of rotation bearings this bracket is virtually maintenance free.

  • The Boomerang Flash Bracket is designed for full size, as well as medium size and DSLR cameras with or without optional Battery Pack (grip)
  • Lightweight weighs less than 12oz-14oz (340-400grams) depending on configuration
  • Rotates Flash 90degrees around lens, for portrait and landscape photography eliminating subject shadows
  • Perfect for bounce flash photography as flash remains upright in portrait shooting
  • Aircraft Quality Aluminum T6061, very light and strong
  • CNC precision machined construction
  • Rotation System uses precision bearings to provide smooth movement
  • Compact design
  • Quick release from camera body plate
  • Works with variety of custom or universal camera plates available on our website
  • Arca Swiss compatible body plate
  • Uses custom anti-twis body plate eliminating play
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day Money back guarantee with free shipping in the U.S. (1 year manufacturers warranty)
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Free return shipping, buy it today and try it free for 30days, if you don’t like it simply contact us and we’ll refund all charges and pay for shipping back to us

What you will need?
  • Flash cord appropriate for your camera make and model
  • Specify Camera model you want to use this bracket with

 If you tried other flash brackets before and didn't like them, this is something so new, so revolutionary that you'll be asking yourself why haven't I seen this kind of bracket before.  This is not some high volume production, but a precision instrument, manufactured using CNC technology and space age quality metals.
(we are working on a version that will position the arm on opposite side of lens)