Shoulder Video Rig with arca type clamp for DSLR's and video cameras

With Video Camera
Film making is and art form we are starting to be part of.  Whether you shoot weddings, events,corporate or movies we hope that you will be using our gear some day.

This here is our Video Rig designed to work with Video Cameras and DSLRs.  Based on 15mm rod system, and 60mm rod separation it is compatible with most decent rigs on the market.  It integrates well with our clamp and plate systems, allowing for quick release of your camera away from rig and mounting to tripod. There is also and integrated tripod mount with 1/4inch-20 thread to mount quick release plates. Handles are adjustable by simply rotating them along their long axis. Rods and all parts are precision machined and matched so that to loosen and tighten them takes half turn.

Materials used in this rig are similar to all of our amazing products, the strongest, lightest available without costing too much (and without marketing BS usually present to describe things).  We focus not only on making a profitable and affordable rig, but on one that handles and looks well.

Shipping December 2011 order now limited Quantities.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee, free shipping, free return shipping (in USA)
The video shoulder rig features:
  • Precision 15mm rod system with standard 60mm spacing (compatible with other follow focus systems, monitor mounts, matte boxes, handles etc)
  • Arca-Swiss compatible plate, clamp and custom anti-twist camera plate
  • Aircraft quality aluminum construction, weighs only 2.9lbs, final should be lighter as we will incorporate more weight saving designs
  • Raiser link, and quad rod mount that allow for raised, lowered or level with shoulder camera mount
  • Ability for camera to slide left and right up to 3inches, when using our C60 clamp and plate, great for follow focus attachment or when using with viewfinder
  • 2-16inch, 2-6inch, 1-10inch rods
  • Ability to quickly mount entire rig to tripods or monopods for extra stability.
  • Very useful for extra stabilization when coupled with a monopod
  • Foam Shoulder pad and rubberized handle grips
  • All black anodized Professional finish
What we are (or going to be) working on in the future:
  • Handle-Cage combination that mounts to camera plate
  • Counter Balance weight
  • Noga EVF/monitor mount (pictured in prototype pics)
  • Custom Viewfinder mounts


New videos on youtube

Off, what a busy season it is, we have finally gotten around to producing some product videos.  First up are canon grip plates, this is a series of 4 videos here:


Going national with advertising

We did it, finally we started large scale advertising.  First up is Shutterbug.  Starting in August 2011.

Also Shutterbug is doing a feature story on gimbal mounts, comparing few gimbal heads including and of course our own Katana Gimbal head.


PC 60D Canon DSLR plate Arca-Swiss type

ProMediaGear is pumping out more products.  This here is a custom arca-swiss style plate for Canon 60D body (without Grip BG-E9, we already have a plate that fits that grip available at our store).

Canon 60d body features a hole designed for the BG-E9 to prevent the grip from twisting.  We use the same hole and put a pin onto our plate in exactly the same position.  This is more effective in stopping plate from twisting than lips contouring the body.


Video & DSLR ProMediaGear RIG

Big big news, rock bottom introductory price of about $400 for nicely configured rig.

We are introducing our first DSLR rig.  Based on the standard 15mm rods.  Featuring our DSLR quick release system based on Arca-Swiss type plates, using lightweight aircraft quality aluminum precision machined using latest CNC technologies.

Main Features/Accessories(included or optional):
  • Aircraft Quality Aluminum, lightweight yet very strong, solid feel with no play
  • In House Precision machined parts (Chicago USA), high quality, rivaling market leaders costing 400% more
  • Arca-Swiss type plate/clamp quick release mechanism (your camera will not move or get loose ever)
  • Adjustable shoulder mount
  • Choice of adjustable handles or out of sight allen screws with hidden integrated wrench
  • Hoodman or other viewfinder integration (in near future)
  • Quick adjustment handles
  • Noga LCD or other accessory attachment
  • Ready for additional accessories, handles, microphones, lights, audio recorders
  • Counter balance weight
  • Custom Camera Plate (anti-twist) for more popular cameras on the market (additional brackets can be mounted directly to the plate) with easy battery access

Final Version will be FULL BLACK color 


Custom Made finish for Katana Gimbal Head

This is what we call shiny.  This is custom finish for our Katana Gimbal Head.  Polished Aluminum.  Shiny as heck.  We are only offering these now on custom basis.  Please inquire at www.ProMediaGear.com


Nikon D7000 MB-D11 grip plate is available for sale

We have just put out a flat pricing for most of our plates at under $40 you can purchase an arca-swiss compatible plate with free shipping in the US.  This is a great deal to get into an awesome system for fraction of competitors price and at the same quality components.  Actually the plate that fits MB-D10 is the same as MB-D11 although the contacts and the top part of the grip are different, overall shape of the grip is the same.  There are some knock offs being sold on ebay and if they follow the same guidelines they will probably fit too.


Video Link - Moose's first thoughts about Katana Gimbal Head

I wish I could have linked to the video directly.
Video Moose Peterson Katana/Wimberley Comparison

In any case.

Moose likes:
  • Design - CNC construction, Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Rigid as heck
  • Stability - Separate Tension/Locking mechanism, provides ultimate smoothness without any play
  • Silky Smoothness - Real Ball Bearings

Doesn't like:
  • Shininess - we will be coming out with matte finish
  • Weight/size - We build it purposely to work with larger lenses, use hefty ball and over sized construction (if you're looking for smallest most portable Gimbal head then you might want to take a look at Tomahawk)
  • Knob - Moose doesn't cover the part that we can move knobs to opposite side, provided it's not entirely like Wimberley where they are close together but you can still only use one hand to adjust them.  You can also swap for shorter knobs.
Katana provides you with customizable solution.

Tomahawk Gimbal in pre production stage

Tomahawk Gimbal is almost here. Our answer to the ball head gimbal attachment. What you need to make this work is: a very massive lens/camera combination, and robust ball head. We are working on our own ball head design and will have it in few months time. 
This will take anything you throw at it, within reason of course.  It will handle 600mm lens without a problem.  Made from Air Craft Quality Aluminum, meaning that its very light and very rigid.  This isn't a mere copy but something the industry hasn't seen yet.  We hope you'll enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it.

The benefits of this over a full featured Gimbal are that its much more mobile (smaller, lighter).  The drawback is that full Gimbal gives you better balancing, conventional mount with lens foot on the bottom, it is easier to install a lens onto full Gimbal like our Katana then Tomahawk because you install it onto the side.  With Tomahawk you're limited to center point of lens mount (which really isn't a big problem since that is where you want it to be) because you are mounting the Lens to the side (you'll need a rotating lens collar).  You also need a solid ball head which can hold the weight of the Tomahawk and Lens/Camera combination with separate panning option (most good ball heads feature separate panning).  Tomahawk tilts and ball head pans.

For added safety, safety stops will be installed by default on the Arca-Swiss type mounting plate. The plate has a 90degree rail system, mountable at 90degrees to the side of Ball Head or on top of Ball Head, depending on the distance from lens foot to lens center, whichever balances it better.

The plate is included and fully featured Tomahawk Gimbal will be selling for $295 with free shipping in Continental US.

Our flash brackets are compatible with both Tomahawk and Katana Gimbal heads.  The Guillotine flash bracket is recommended for Gimbal attachments because it can rotate flash in respect to camera sensor orientation.


Upcoming product updates

Wanted to talk to you about new things that are happening.

We are close to final stages of developing our own DSLR RIG.  Lightweight and based on standard 15mm rods.  Similar to all of our products it will be a CNC machined piece.  We took a different turn then most other established manufacturers, as we want to be a little different.  We will incorporate our arca-swiss type mounting mechanism as an upgrade.  Handles will be self tightening.  Everything will be very high quality as all our customers agree, and will also feature rock bottom industry pricing for such quality design. 

However and I we think you will welcome this.  We're not going to offer you lifetime accident warranty, because we don't think you should you pay higher price premium for someone else's negligence.

L-brackets are coming:
We're finishing design and machining of L-brackets for Canon 60D and Nikon D7000 DSLRs.  They will be 
two piece designs with optional cable box to hide away cables.  Made as always from T6061 lightweight aluminum and black anodized for scratch resistance.


New Product The Tomahawk Gimbal Attachment

Something new that we've recently been working on. The Tomahawk. It's the small Gimbal attachment to your ball head. Features industry first 90deg arca-swiss type rails. This allows you to mount it on top of ball head or on the side depending on the size of your lens. Pricing is not fully finalized yet but our target selling price is about $300 USD.


Nikon D300 D700 DSLR Arca-Swiss type plates available

Hi all, introducing new ProMediaGear Nikon plates for D300 & D700 body's and grips MB-D10.

The body plates feature a tight locking anti-twist pin, keeping plate compact and light.

The grip plates feature over sized lips to contour around the body to provide seamless integration.