Video Link - Moose's first thoughts about Katana Gimbal Head

I wish I could have linked to the video directly.
Video Moose Peterson Katana/Wimberley Comparison

In any case.

Moose likes:
  • Design - CNC construction, Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Rigid as heck
  • Stability - Separate Tension/Locking mechanism, provides ultimate smoothness without any play
  • Silky Smoothness - Real Ball Bearings

Doesn't like:
  • Shininess - we will be coming out with matte finish
  • Weight/size - We build it purposely to work with larger lenses, use hefty ball and over sized construction (if you're looking for smallest most portable Gimbal head then you might want to take a look at Tomahawk)
  • Knob - Moose doesn't cover the part that we can move knobs to opposite side, provided it's not entirely like Wimberley where they are close together but you can still only use one hand to adjust them.  You can also swap for shorter knobs.
Katana provides you with customizable solution.

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