Upcoming product updates

Wanted to talk to you about new things that are happening.

We are close to final stages of developing our own DSLR RIG.  Lightweight and based on standard 15mm rods.  Similar to all of our products it will be a CNC machined piece.  We took a different turn then most other established manufacturers, as we want to be a little different.  We will incorporate our arca-swiss type mounting mechanism as an upgrade.  Handles will be self tightening.  Everything will be very high quality as all our customers agree, and will also feature rock bottom industry pricing for such quality design. 

However and I we think you will welcome this.  We're not going to offer you lifetime accident warranty, because we don't think you should you pay higher price premium for someone else's negligence.

L-brackets are coming:
We're finishing design and machining of L-brackets for Canon 60D and Nikon D7000 DSLRs.  They will be 
two piece designs with optional cable box to hide away cables.  Made as always from T6061 lightweight aluminum and black anodized for scratch resistance.

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