Tomahawk Gimbal in pre production stage

Tomahawk Gimbal is almost here. Our answer to the ball head gimbal attachment. What you need to make this work is: a very massive lens/camera combination, and robust ball head. We are working on our own ball head design and will have it in few months time. 
This will take anything you throw at it, within reason of course.  It will handle 600mm lens without a problem.  Made from Air Craft Quality Aluminum, meaning that its very light and very rigid.  This isn't a mere copy but something the industry hasn't seen yet.  We hope you'll enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it.

The benefits of this over a full featured Gimbal are that its much more mobile (smaller, lighter).  The drawback is that full Gimbal gives you better balancing, conventional mount with lens foot on the bottom, it is easier to install a lens onto full Gimbal like our Katana then Tomahawk because you install it onto the side.  With Tomahawk you're limited to center point of lens mount (which really isn't a big problem since that is where you want it to be) because you are mounting the Lens to the side (you'll need a rotating lens collar).  You also need a solid ball head which can hold the weight of the Tomahawk and Lens/Camera combination with separate panning option (most good ball heads feature separate panning).  Tomahawk tilts and ball head pans.

For added safety, safety stops will be installed by default on the Arca-Swiss type mounting plate. The plate has a 90degree rail system, mountable at 90degrees to the side of Ball Head or on top of Ball Head, depending on the distance from lens foot to lens center, whichever balances it better.

The plate is included and fully featured Tomahawk Gimbal will be selling for $295 with free shipping in Continental US.

Our flash brackets are compatible with both Tomahawk and Katana Gimbal heads.  The Guillotine flash bracket is recommended for Gimbal attachments because it can rotate flash in respect to camera sensor orientation.

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