Flash Bracket Clamp with Arca Swiss type mount

It's here finally, our long awaited Flash Bracket Clamp, L-Bracket Clamp or Handle Bracket Arca-Swiss type clamp is almost ready.  The Bracket Clamp can be mounted onto "real" Arca-Swiss type plates by those we mean plates from US and Euro makers such as Arca-Swiss, Really Right Stuff, Wimberly or Kirk etc. Flash Brackets (Boomerang or Guillotine) mount to one side of the Clamp, to the other you can mount an L-Plate (L-Bracket), Handle or any other contraption we may come up with. The versatility of this product is great.  As always it's made out of aluminum (lightweight and rigid) and it will be black anodized for pleasant scratch resistant finish. Threaded insert with 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threads allows for additional flexibility and installations of third party Quick Release plates etc.

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