Tripods for Serious Professionals

Some of us are super serious about our photographs as well as our photo gear.

ProMediaGear Tripod is on fire when it comes to developing new gear.  Their tripod is no exception.  Using the latest technologies and superb engineering creates tripod with ground breaking performance and best value in class.   Weighing in at only six pounds, that's under 3 kilos.   Use it even in most challenging conditions with heaviest great, rated up to 125 pounds.   These come in in 3 or 4 section models, as well as 75mm bowl mount option.   These tripods are designed for field use as well as studio use.  Setup up quickly featuring precision twist locks that require only a quarter rotation to unlock and re-lock.  The leg joints are enlarged to distribute weight across thicker cross sectional area minimizing vibrations and increasing stiffness.

Common features to all  tripods
  • 10x Carbon Fiber 
  • 1/4-20 accessory ports
  • Push Pull leg angle lock
  • Rubber Ball Feet with integrated steel spike
  • Bubble Level
  •  QR top plate system

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