Gimbal Heads for Telephoto Lenses wildlife photography

You know it.  Once you have that big lens, a whole lot of weight comes with it.  How do you handle such a beast?  How do you shoot for extended time without getting tired, and with great results?  You can use a traditional ball head but that's not ideal as the range of motion is limited and it tends to drop down away from leveled plane. 

The solution is the gimbal head.  With gimbal head you can balance the lens/camera perfectly so it's weightless and can stay pointed in the direction you're shooting with minimal friction.  Hence it's easy to maneuver since there is no friction and the whole system stays put once you let go (provided its balanced of course). 

ProMediaGear has three different types of Gimbal Heads, a big one #GK, Katana, and a smaller one #GKJr, which only weight in at 2.4 pounds and it's a full featured gimbal head for any tripod with 3/8inch-16 thread mount.  So any tripod on the market today.   Then PMG also has a Tomahawk, but that's like a sidekick that you attach to your ball head to make "poor mans" gimbal head.

Check out the pictures below.  ProMediaGear Katana Junior is the smoothest gimbal in it's class.  Due to compact size and weight it can also be easily traveled with.  You can now take your equipment on the plane and not worry about carrying excessive loads.  

Let's take a look at some of the pictures below:

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