Carbon Fiber tripod, at Photokina 2016 by ProMediaGear

Hey so if you know us you know we manufacture all sorts of stuff.  Just recently we have introduced a pro line of carbon fiber tripods.  These beauties are made right here in good old Chicago.  So they're made in USA by definition.

Carbon fiber has cross weave pattern 10x layers, of that incredibly rigid material.  So yes it's very very stable and probably best in class.  The legs are whopping 42mm diameter, figure that our if you're in imperial system, but that's about 1.65 inches.  Now that is crazy thick.

Tripod is rated at 125 pounds, but it will hold much more, but alas it's not recommended.

Of course the top screw is 3/8inch standard thread, and apex has removable top plate, and can also be equipped with 75mm or 100mm bowl adapters, also sold by ProMediaGear.

Now the apex is a thing of beauty, truss bridge design, saves weight without sacrificing strength.  So for about $1000 you can have a tripod that's the best in class with weight of only 6 pounds.

Take a look at our Photokina Video, although some of the things Matt says are not 100% accurate, as it's a 10x layer now.

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